Fast, Accurate & Compliant Background Checks

We will help you every step of the way to ensure you are finding the best new employee or tenant for the opening you are looking to fill. We offer a full service, customized screening program, using years of industry knowledge and cutting edge technology to provide a hassle-free, FCRA compliant background screening experience for your organization.

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About Granite Screening

At Granite Screening, our motto is 'people you can trust helping you find people you can trust.' What this means to us is that we will be there for you as you use background screening to ensure that you are finding the best new employee, tenant or volunteer for the opening you are looking to fill. You can trust us to be your partner in the process and make sure that not only are you finding the best person, but that you have the best people on your team during that process.

Granite Screening LLC is a background screening company formed with the express purpose of providing clients with a full service background screening experience, using years of experience in the industry to facilitate a smooth, hassle-free and most importantly, FCRA compliant background screening program for you and your organization. If you want somebody to partner with you and lend their knowledge to your background check procedures and policy, you will find it in Granite Screening.

We have clients throughout the United States and are capable of providing background checks and drug testing services in all 50 states.


"Using Granite Screening has made my background checks and drug screenings stress free... The pricing is very competitive and I have yet to be dissatisfied with anything. I'm very pleased with the customer service, cost, flexibility, and turnaround time..." more