Granite Screening LLC

privacy policy

Ensuring the security, integrity and availability of confidential  business data and personal identifying information is a primary focus in  our applicant screening system.  Delivering a robust and secure system  requires a comprehensive technology solution, including hardware,  software and security best practices.


Hardware:  Granite Screening uses redundant systems and backups for all  sensitive data and information, as well as employing firewalls and  advanced intrusion detection. 


Software: Access to our enterprise grade application framework is  password-controlled at an individual level, and access to the system can  be limited to specific devices, IP addresses or a range of IP  addresses.  This allows tight control to ensure that individuals with  access to the system are not able to access the system from unsecured  locations.  Our system utilizes high security protocols and encryption  at a 128-bit SSL/TLS level.  Logins to the system are logged and audited  on a regular basis.   


Security Best Practices:  Cryptography, coding standards, and risk management are applied to eliminate unauthorized access to data.   Granite Screening employs third party security certification, and  provides staff training to enforce security oriented policies and  procedures.


Our physical location is protected by keyed entry as well as an advanced  security system when the office is closed.  Access to our internal  system is limited to personnel with a legitimate business need for  access.


Granite Screening is committed to protecting the sensitive personal  identifying information we receive from our customers.  While we cannot  guarantee the security of that information, we utilize a combination of  online and offline security technologies, procedures and organizational  measures to help safeguard consumer information against loss, misuse,  and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.             

Granite Screening collects only information that the customer, user or  web site visitor voluntarily shares with Granite Screening.  Granite  Screening discloses information only as pursuant to law and does not  sell, rent or otherwise disclose user information to anyone without  proper authorization and consent.


Granite Screening will collect, store, and use personally identifiable  information only in compliance with applicable law, including the FCRA.   Granite Screening will not conduct a background screening investigation  and create a report unless Granite Screening's client certifies to  Granite Screening that it has a legally permissible purpose for ordering  the background check, and that it has, to the extent required by applicable law, obtained consent to conduct the background check.


If you are an applicant of a Granite Screening client, and have submitted personal information to Granite Screening at the request of such client for purposes of procuring a background report, then you can  review your Granite Screening file in accordance with your file disclosure rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and California Civil Code Section 1786.22 by emailing your request to an account  manager. 


With regards to the acquisition of information outside of the United States, Granite Screening uses only reputable and well-known industry sources to procure and validate said information.


Granite Screening is strongly opposed to the offshoring of customer data  and will never send applicant data outside the United States. 


The information contained in this web site is for information only.  While it is presented in good faith, it is not to be regarded as legal advice.  For clarification of any legal issues, please contact a qualified attorney. 


Effective date:  November 2009