Granite Screening LLC



Basic Package

Includes Person Search (SSN Verification) and National Criminal background check.  Both searches are instant and if no actionable items are found the results are returned to you instantly.

Credit Report

Credit reports are available instantly upon order initiation.

Driving Records

Turnaround time varies by state. Most states report instantly, while others may take a day or two.  Any state fee will be passed through directly.             

Degree/Education Verification

Employment Verification

Reference Check

County Criminal Record Search

Performed only when actionable items are found in the National Criminal background search.  Turnaround time varies by jurisdiction.  Any court access fees will be passed through directly.

Workers Compensation Search

I-9 Social Security Verification

Additional Services

Additional services beyond those listed are available.  Please contact an account manager and we will be more than happy to discuss your organization's needs.